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Our geotechnical and geosynthetics laboratories routinely provide high-quality, responsive testing services for engineering projects prior to design and construction. With three locations we are able to perform our services throughout the United States. Our experience and capabilities are well known and we are often called upon to be a partner on difficult projects.

Geotechnics Inc is committed to maintaining the professional status and quality of our laboratory. We strive to listen to and understand our client’s needs, and act promptly upon their requests. We will dedicate the resources necessary to ensure that the highest levels of quality are continuously being upheld.

Core Competencies


By definition, Geotechnics Inc is the application of scientific methods and engineering principles, to the acquisition, interpretation and use of knowledge, of materials of the Earth’s crust and earth materials for the solution of engineering problems. It is the applied science of predicting the behavior of the Earth and its various materials towards making the Earth more habitable to human activities.

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